Ljekio’s Big Djembe ReFill is here

I proudly present to my first commercial Big Djembe ReFill. This refill contain multilayer sampled drum instrument based on NN-XT Sampler and Kong Drum Designer and united in the Combinators. You can mixed in the one Combinator three microphone sources and have four play mode.


Also this refill contain some midi patterns for Big Djembe play and few demo Reason songs with another patterns and drum themes.
And finally few REX-loops from live play as bonus (possibly I’ll be recording another refill with only live loops played with different tempos and drum patterns).

Read more about it



X-Looper Patch

X-Looper is first eight-channel looper for live looping in the Reason. Based on BUFFRE and DIRECTRE Rack Extensions. Manual and links for download placed on X-Looper 8 Page.


Features: 8 separate channels for live recording with quantized start record buttons and on/off channel. You can recording loop with Reason’s metronome and loop length can be one bar and two (it’s maximum buffer size of BUFFRE).